Les Miserables - 5 New Teasers

Les Miserables has just released 5 new teaser videos showing what to expect from director Tom Hoopers latest flick. It looks to me like it is sticking with the original score, and staying as a sung-through musical, at least I hope I'm right. Considering the cast are singing live on set instead of pre-recorded vocals, it most probably will be sung through.

1. Javert Releases Prisoner 24601 On Parole - Javert (Crowe) frees Jean Valjean (Jackman), but his motives aren't what they may seem.

2. At The End Of The Day - Fantine (Hathaway) desperately pleads for charity from the foreman at the workshop, to save hers and her daughters life.

3. Who Am I - As Valjean (Jackman) reaches a crossroads in his life, he begins to reflect on his past and future.

4. A Heart Full Of Love - Marius (Redmayne) tries to woo Cosette (Seyfried) on their first meeting.

5. On My Own - With a broken heart and all alone, Eponine (Barks) wanders the deserted streets of France searching for an answer.