Life Of Pi: "It Was A Time Filled With Wonder That I'll Always Remember"

Director: Ang Lee
Writer:    David Magee
Starring: Suraj Sharma
                Irrfan Khar
                Rafe Spall
                Gerard Depardieu
                 Adil Hussain
Rating:     ****

Release Date: Out Now

Every now and then you get one of those films that everyone is talking about, everybody goes to see, and is so visually stunning that it takes your breath away; well this year we have Ang Lee's adaptation of Yann Martel's novel, 'Life of Pi'. It follows a young boy as he struggles to come to terms with what is science and what is faith, all whilst stranded on a row boat in the middle of the ocean.

Rafe Spall
Pi (Sharma) is a 16 year old dreamer, growing up in India with his parents on the zoo they own and have built up from nothing. He dreams big, and builds bonds with the various animals around him; but when his Dad reveals that he is shutting the zoo, selling the animals and moving the family to Canada, Pi's life changes forever; and most certainly not for the best. As they sail across the water to their new life they hit a storm; and when all hope is lost, Pi leaps into a lifeboat and wakes up alone; joined only by a injured zebra, a hungry hyena, a friendly orangutan and a ferocious tiger; a tiger that teaches Pi more about life than he could ever imagine.

I will admit that I found myself not quite understanding exactly what the message was at the very end of the picture, which was a true shame; but the visuals, performance from Sharma, and overall product that lee delivers are to spellbinding to tear apart. Sharma is truly compelling and hooks the audience from the beginning and never lets go; given the fact he acts only with CGI animals he really is a gifted performer, one who has a glistening career ahead of him.

 Life Of Pi - Trailer