Hedwig And The Angry Inch: "To Be Free, One Must Give Up A Part Of Oneself"

Director: John Cameron Mitchell
Writer:    John Cameron Mitchell
                Stephen Trask
Starring: John Cameron Mitchell
               Miriam Shor
               Stephen Trask
               Michael Pitt
               Andrea Martin
               Alberta Watson
               Maurice Dean Wint
Rating:   ****

Home Release: Out Now

Now this is a lot older than the films I normally review, so may seem odd that I have chosen to share my thoughts on this artistic look at homosexuality, the Berlin wall and freedom. The reason being, somebody has requested I watch and review it, and have been nagging at me for a few days now; because they are so special I have granted their wish...I hope you're happy now.

Hansel (Mitchell) is a young homosexual man trying to make it through life as a singer/rockstar, he lives in Communist East Germany, and wants nothing more than to live in the west, somewhere where he can be himself and feel free again. When he meets a handsome man who can make all of his dreams come true, they plan the move to the West; the only issue is they would have to be married as man and woman to do so. As willing as he can be, Hansel has a sex change and becomes Hedwig; unfortunately the operation gets botched up leaving Hedwig with a smooth one inch hump instead of a vagina; The Angry Inch.

John Cameron Mitchell
Despite the angry inch, Hedwig and her husband live a happy life, until Hedwig is left for a younger man. Hedwig is betrayed and realises she did everything for nothing, she begins to question her life and herself, all whilst desperately trying to earn money to survive. At one of her jobs she meets Tommy Speck (Pitt), a young christian teenager who is as lost and confused as Hedwig. They fall in love and soon start writing and performing music together; finally Hedwig's dreams are coming true, and her life is running smoothly. That is until Tommy discovers the Angry Inch, and felling betrayed and confused he leaves Hedwig alone again. As his career soars and her life crumbles, Hedwig is left wondering if she will ever meet the other half of herself and if she is will ever be free from her burdens and sins.

Set to a brilliant rock soundtrack, performed by the brilliant John Cameron Mitchell, Hedwig is an artistic master piece that dissects and explores the inner-mind and thoughts of a homosexual man struggling to find freedom and security, as well as love. Mitchell really brings Hedwig alot of heart and soul and gives a deeply emotional and raw performance; his un-dragging mental breakdown at the end is one particular scene that stands out as emotional and deep. In amongst the upset and emotion there are funny moments, with Hedwig supplying many cutthroat one liners to supply plenty of laughs throughout.

If you are looking for a thought-provoking, moving, zany and real film to watch, Hedwig and the Angry Inch is definitely a must see and should be purchased as soon as possible.

Hedwig and the Angry Inch - Trailer


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