RIP - Michael Winner

Film director and food critic Michael Winner has sadly passed.

He was told last year that his failing liver had only left him 18 months to live, and sadly today he left his family behind. The film director's wife Geraldine confirmed news of his passing earlier.
"Michael was a wonderful man, brilliant, funny and generous. A light has gone out in my life."
Born in Hampstead, London in 1935, Winner directed several British movies in the 1960s, including 1967's I'll Never Forget What'sisname, which starred Oliver Reed, Carol White and Orson Welles.

From the 1970s, he made several projects in America, and was perhaps best known for vigilante revenge thriller Death Wish, made with Charles Bronson in 1974. The movie spawned several sequels.

After he retired as a film director and producer, Winner became a food critic for The Sunday Times.

Younger readers in the UK will know Winner mostly for his famous Esure Car Insurance ads, where he would often tell some to "calm down dear, it's only a commercial".

You will be missed by many, but your work will live on forever.

RIP Michael Winner.