Warm Bodies: "This Date Isn't Going Well. I Want To Die All Over Again"

Director: Jonathan Levine
Writer:    Jonathan Levine
Starring: Nicholas Hoult
                Teresa Palmer
                Rob Corddry
                Dave Franco
                Analeigh Tipton
                Cory Hardrict
                John Malkovich
Rating:    ***

Release Date: Out Now

We've had vampires, werewolves and even some witches falling in love, but now for possibly the first time, it's zombies finding their one true love. The big difference between this film and the usual 'Twilight' drivel is the fact that this film is genuinely funny, and stars actors who actually act. No more are we forced to put up with Kristen Stewart and her one face, or Taylor Lautner randomly getting his man teets out for no real reason except to dampen the pants of Tweens all over. What these improvements bring to this genre of film is a movie I can actually sit through with out wanting to spoon my own eyes out.

Teresa Palmer & Nicholas Hoult
R (Hoult) is a young man who spends his days following the same routine and living the same mundane life...the only issue being he is dead, well undead! He strolls around an abandoned airport with hundreds of other lifeless creatures trying to collect food from alive humans and trying not to be destroyed in the process. Something he has become quite good at; until he meets Julie (Palmer), a young and attractive girl that stirs something inside him. After he kills her boyfriend (Franco) and eats his brains, he receives the deceased lovers thoughts and memories, which only deepens R's feelings for Julie. He decides he must help her, and goes against his own live and way of living to protect these he loves.

It's almost baffling to me that something's graphic and terrifying as zombies has managed to find twelfth the romance gene, but kudos to the novelist Isaac Marion ( who wrote the book which this film is based on) for managing to do that. It really isn't triumph how entertaining, funny and gory thus film is, delivering the perfect balance between all aspects. I think that the biggest applause should go to Hoult and Palmer who portray a really believable and genuine relationship onscreen; and considering Hoult plays a zombie that is a really good achievement. I believe it is their relationship and performances that carry this film, and allow you to forgive the romantic cliches the film plows through along the way; all in all I actually enjoyed it.

Warm Bodies - Trailer