One Chance - Trailer

The trailer for Paul Potts' biopic, One Chance, has been unveiled.

The film follows the story of Paul Potts. Who I hear you ask, well if you remember all the way back to 2007 and a little known TV show called Britain's Got Talent. On the very first series there was a dumpy man with funny teeth who claimed to be a singer, people scoffed. However when he opened his mouth a nation was shocked, and soon after the world was just as amazed, because Potts was truly gifted. 

It doesn't sound like a brilliant idea for a film, however after seeing the trailer I am pleasantly surprised. We see Potts (James Corden) as a child, all the way through to his massive success, and thanks to a terrific supporting cast and what seems to be a really uplifting story, it looks set to be a terrific film.

The supporting cast includes Julie Walters, Reggie Yates, Colm Meaney, Kathryn Drysdale, Jemima Rooper, Alexandra Roach, Mackenzie Crook and a rumoured cameo from Simon Cowell himself.

One Chance will hit UK cinemas on October 15, 2013, with no US date confirmed yet.