Bad Moms: "In This Day And Age, It Is Impossible To Be A Good Mom"

Director: Jon Lucas
                Scott Moore
Writer:     Jon Lucas
                Scott Moore
Starring: Mila Kunis
                Kristen Bell
                Kathyn Hahn
                Christina Applegate
                Jada Pinkett Smitt
                Annie Mumolo
                Jay Hernandez
                Lilly Singh
                Oona Laurence
                Wanda Sykes
Rating:    ****

Release Date: Out Now

The last few years, the cinema has been inundated with funny movies headed by powerful, comedic actresses. It started with Bridesmaids, and since then hit after hit has been released, some funnier than others but all entertaining. Next on the funny females conveyer belt is Bad Moms, and it is a sharp, laugh out loud movie that looks at the pressures put on mothers in 2016.

Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell
& Kathryn Hahn
Amy (Kunis) is recently separated mother of two who works overtime at her part time job and gets little to know help from her ex husband. As a mother she is just about keeping the train on the track, but when the strain from the other 'perfect' mothers (Applegate, Pinkett Smith & Mumolo) she cracks and decides to become a 'bad mom'. Her actions inspire fellow mothers; free spirit, Carla and uptight, Kiki (Hahn & Bell) to join her in her rebellious behaviour. It's goodbye gluten free muffins and hello getting drunk on a school night. 

Kunis, Bell and Hahn are in their element, and the three women are relishing every opportunity to do something cray and outlandish. All three are brilliant comedic actresses so it is no surprise that they made me laugh. But Kunis specifically puts across the struggle of parenting in this age so clearly, and you really do empathise for her. it means that when she eventually does things her way, you root for her, and enjoy every step of the mad capped hi jinx.

Christina Applegate
Christina Applegate as snobbish super-mom Gwendolyn is perfect. It is not necessarily the first time she has played such a prim character, but this time sees a slightly more venomous and bitter side of her. Applegate fully embodies this side of competitive mothers during the school drop off, and though slightly exaggerated, it is something that really does happen.

At the heart of the story is the idea that parenting doesn't have to be as complicated as society has made it nowadays. Nobody is doing it wrong, no one is a better mother than anyone else; everyone is just doing the best they can. It breaks down the bitchy mentality of mothers and women at the moment and shows that everyone should be supportive of one another, life is too hard otherwise. The script and direction is well put together, and keeps the comedy flowing nicely; providing laugh after laugh. 

Unfortunately some of the other characters felt undeveloped and underused, Pinkett Smith and Mumolo. especially, and the shoehorning in of romantic plot felt unnecessary. Despite that though, the film is highly entertaining and will have you laughing throughout. 

Bad Moms - Trailer