The Legend of Tarzan: "You Are Lord Of The Apes, King Of The Jungle"

Director: David Yates
Writer:     Adam Cozad
                Craig Brewer
Starring: Alexander Skarsgard
                Margot Robbie
                Christoph Waltz
                Samuel L. Jackson
                Jim Broadbent
                Djimon Hounsou
Rating:    ***

Home Release: October 31, 2016

The character of Tarzan, created by author Edgar Rice Burroughs, is one of those characters that has been portrayed by many actors and re-imagined throughout countless films in cinematic history. Tarzan's first film appearance was in 1918, nearly 100 years ago; and despite the span of time, nothing new has really been done with the character; certainly that I have seen. However, The Legend of Tarzan focuses on the title characters years after leaving his jungle life behind and returning to where he grew up. It gives the film fresh blood, but not enough to keep the entire film feeling refreshed.

Samuel L. Jackson, Margot Robbie
& Alexander Skarsgard
Tarzan (Skarsgard), as we know, was raised in the jungle by apes surrounded by nature and danger everywhere. We pick up once he has left Africa and is living in his parents home in England with his wife and soul mate, Jane Porter (Robbie). He is asked to return to Africa to see what he has done there to help the country. At first Tarzan refuses, But a man named George Washington Williams (Jackson) tells him the Belgian King Leopold might be committing all sorts of hideous crimes to achieve his goal like slavery; he just need the proof. Tarzan, now known as John Clayton, agrees and Jane insists she joins because she misses Africa. However when they arrive, a man named Rom (Waltz) attacks where they are staying and kidnaps Tarzan and Jane. With Washington's help, Tarzan escapes and sets out to rescue Jane by going across the jungle, with Washington in tow.

The majority of the film is fast paced, exciting and beautiful to watch. The setting and atmosphere is exotic yet isolated; you can almost feel the warmth in the jungle and the fear the jungle can bring. The cast are a talented bunch, who get lost within a mediocre script and at times cartoonish special effects. I personally fund that Skarsgard and Robbie lacked the chemistry that Tarzan and Jane need, and the other actors moved rigidly to where they needed to be ad said their lines. The trailer filled me with excitement, as did the cast list; but the finished product was underwhelming.

Christoph Waltz
Christoph Waltz however was spellbindingly cold to watch. He knows how to capture an audience with his devious and slimy villainous characters, and he was the gleaming light throughout the film. He portrays a greedy and callous man who is willing to do anything for money, including sacrificing other peoples lives. Ever since Inglorious Basterds, Christoph Waltz has blown me away with his performance's, and whilst this isn't his best; it is the rose between a whole host of thorns.

David Yates has created a lush and exotic environment that should be easy to get lost in; but the clunky and obvious script were forever pulling me out of the action, and became distractingly stale. The actors did well with what they had, but it just wasn't enough to bring new life to a classic story or inspire an audience to want more from their version.

 The Legend of Tarzan - Trailer